PPE Management Made Easy with Scannable

Easily scan, track, and manage your safety equipment. Scannable lets you track the lifecycle of your gear, and gives you access to manufacturer data and compliance information at the tap of a phone.

  • Easy to use web and mobile apps
  • No more manual data entry
  • Share your equipment info with anyone


Rope Access



Tree Care


Adventure Park

Climbing Gym

Ski Resort

Scannable Access

Perfect for individuals

The easiest way to manage your equipment and record inspections.

Access includes:

  • A comprehensive list of your inventory with no limit to the number of items you can add
  • Scan 2D codes from Petzl, Courant, etc
  • Add NFC tags to each item
  • Record Pass/Fail inspection results, and share PDF reports
  • One user per account

Scannable Pro

Designed for teams

Manage equipment across multiple users with incredible efficiencies.

Everything in Access, plus:

  • Add team members and assign equipment
  • Assign equipment to Kit Bags, Vehicles, Clients, and Locations
  • Bulk Scan items for inspection and reporting
  • Set notifications for upcoming inspections

Scannable Enterprise

For large organisations that have ERPs / Asset Management systems who are looking for an API integration for easier equipment inspections.

Scannable Enterprise:

  • Put easy to use equipment management and inspection tools into the hands of your field workers
  • Integrate via API to centralise your asset management and compliance analytics to your existing systems

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