Training courses for individual & teams

EVOLVE training division provides current, progressive, training courses for “at-height” activities where there is a potential risk of a fall from height. Currently our trainers provide on-site, specific training or specialized, custom, courses in Golden, BC. Contact for further custom training details


Tower Climber 1 / Rescue 1

  • Designed for new or experienced tower workers. Primarily focused on the
    fundamentals of safe work-at-height, fall protection, hazard assessment, risk
    analysis, overview of standards, regulations (provincial & federal), fall protection
    planning, job safety analysis and the importance of rescue plans. Lesson plans
    integrate the STAC training guidelines.
  • 3 days including 1 day assessment – 24 hrs

Tower Climber 2 / Rescue 2

Prerequisite: Climber 1 or equivalent experience

  • This course goes more in-depth into work positioning systems, PPE, rigging
    scenarios, and more advanced rescue training – accompanied and un-
    accompanied rescue scenarios/on-site team rescue/ERP/rigging and hauling
  • Course integrates core fundamentals of rope access and work-at-height principles that are adapted to the tower structure climbing work environment
  • Structured off the STAC training guidelines
  • 4 days including 1 day assessment – 32 hrs

fall protection

Fall Protection Fundamental

General Industry/Construction foundation training: 50/50 – Practical/Theory

  • Industry compliant OH&S – Provincial and federal regulations & standards
  • PPE selection, use, and equipment standards
  • Understanding and implementing the fall protection hierarchy process, hazard
    assessment, risk analysis and application
  • Work positioning and rescue overview
  • 16 hrs/including 2 hr – assessment/certificate

Work at Height Fundamental

Team/group fall protection and rescue: 80/20 Practical/Theory

Prerequisite: completion Fall Protection Fundamentals or equivalent

  • WAH fall protection and work positioning training – controlled descent with a separate fall arrest, backup device
  • Part 2: Partner rescue – pick off/accompanied & unaccompanied rescue training scenarios
  • Rigging skills
  • 24 hrs/plus 8 hr – assessment/certificate

Work-at-Height – Rope Access SPRAT Certification All Levels

Rope access provides a safe, cost-effective and efficient means of accessing structures, geological features and many inaccessible areas to conduct a multitude of work-at-height activities. Please contact for further details. Program is currently in-development.  32-40 hr course depending on group and needs plus a one-day evaluation/certification.

Petzl PPE Competent Person Inspection

This course covers personal protective equipment (PPE) for work at height. Focusing on proper selection, use, inspection, and management of a range of life safety equipment. This course is intended for end users, supervisors, regulators and those responsible for PPE inspection and management. Highlights of the course include:

  • Hazard assessment, risk analysis and management and decision making to properly select, seek training and use fall protection PPE
  • Potential hazards associated with the use of PPE for protection against falls from height
  • Provincial and federal governmental regulatory requirements regarding the selection and management of PPE
  • General principles and uses of PPE
  • Employer and PPE inspector responsibilities
  • Understanding a manufacturer’s technical notice and instructions for use
  • Principal actions of the examiner: maintenance, returns under warranty, removal of products from service, etc.
  • Petzl PPE examination protocol
  • Pre-use checks, visual, tactile and function inspection
  • Thorough examinations and assessment of the usage, damage and material loss
  • Review of the criteria for removal from service
  • Inspection reporting
  • PPE management systems